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Do healthy things. Get help paying for medical costs. 

Discover our Healthy Bucks Program.


Keeping a healthy lifestyle is no not always as easy as it sounds. To stay in good health, you need commitment, consistency and dedication to your goals.   As our commitment to help you be as healthy as you can, our Healthy Bucks program helps keep you motivated by giving you Bucks towards medical costs as a reward for your healthy lifestyle. 


Get Started

To begin on your Healthy Bucks lifestyle journey, you need to first qualify by scheduling your wellness labs and making an appointment with your Health Advocate. In addition, you can sign up for local classes and wellness appointments by the deadlines in order to qualify.

The qualifying time frame for 2023:

October 1st 2022 - September 30th 2023

Labs and Biometrics must be completed by March 31st, 2023

Coach Meeting or Wellness Consult (if appropriate) must be completed by June 30th, 2023

EW Intake forms
2023 Documents & Information
2023 Monthly Calendars
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