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Emotional wellness goes beyond stress management.
We can help. 

Community Health Partner’s Emotional Wellness team is dedicated to providing comprehensive and cutting edge mental health and emotional wellness services to participating members and the community as a whole. We realize the gaps and wait times in finding accessible mental health and wellness services, and we aim to fill those gaps in our community by weaving a web of accessible support for employers, employees, spouses, children and the community at large. Community Health Partners currently offers dedicated clinicians to Collier County Government and Collier County Public Schools insured members, with additional clinicians for both organizations as well as all other community members seeking mental health and emotional wellness services.

EW Intake forms
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Fillable Emotional Wellness Intake Forms

Please fill out online, print and sign. 


Emotional Wellness Services

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Our Team

Our team has experience in a range of therapeutic and counseling disciplines to assist with any issues relating to mental health.

Our goal is to help individuals, couples, and families effectively navigate life by offering support and other coping mechanisms. Your experience is simple and open thanks to our team of therapists, coordinators and counselors. Our simple yet effective process matches you with a clinician who is highly qualified to address your specific mental health concerns. 

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Emotional Wellness FAQs

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