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CHP Certified Health Coaches inspire others to adopt healthy lifestyles.

We listen. We guide. We encourage.

We motivate. We care.


We specialize in lifestyle programs for improving nutrition, increasing physical activity, managing weight, handling stress, preventing diabetes, quitting tobacco and creating work-life balance.

Coaches meet with members one-on-one or in small sessions, utilizing motivational interviewing techniques to help employees become proactive about their health.  We work together with the employee to target realistic goals and achieve optimal health.

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How We Help

A Community Health Partners Health Advocate can assist you if you want to start exercising, lower stress, improve your diet and eating habits, lose weight, quit smoking, or simply work on daily wellness. We're here to help you on your path to a healthier, happier self by helping you overcome obstacles, providing encouragement and helping with motivation, and being a resource for health and wellness knowledge. No matter what your health goal is and how much support you need, we can help!

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Member Information

Community Health Partners is proud to sponsor the Health Advocacy programs for the Collier County Government and Collier County Public Schools.

If you are a current member please click on the link to your program.

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