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We Work for You!

Our goal is to improve timeliness of care, improve employee and employer satisfaction, reduce workers compensation cost to the employer while assisting injured workers through the path of medical treatment for their work injury.

Case Managers:

  • Provide education and timely information to the injured worker and their family.
  • Monitor treatment guidelines and patient progress.
  • Provide frequent contact by the nurse case manager to schedule appointments for tests, therapy and follow up appointments and address any concerns regarding their physical injury
  • Provide ongoing communication with providers, employer and insurance adjuster
  • Are available 24 hours per day/7 days per week for urgent matters

Our case managers work with employers to facilitate early return to work, encouraging accommodation of modified duty. Utilizing the resources of our comprehensive network of providers, treatment can begin within 24 hours of the injury or as soon as medically appropriate. Our internal guidelines are implemented to expedite treatments for the injured worker and return them to full function as quickly as possible.

WorkCare is integrated with our medical services solutions and can benefit your employees and your bottom line. For more information, call 239.594.8000 between 8 am – 4:30 pm.